It’s Been A long Time!


NO doubt it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this little page! Life gets in the way, and I forget that I need to contribute a bit! A new sauna at home in Duluth, new recipes, new adventures, etc! This site is all about the sauna, the cooking, and the rest that happens at the Lodge! More to come on the latest happenings on the “Range” to come, but first…
I built the Bare Ass Sauna version 2 (V2), and version 3 (V3) with the help of Glenn Auerbach via proxy. I purchased his book. His technique did NOT disappoint! Since then, I also purchased his NiCE Mug (, and that did not disappoint! Glenn has a new product he is trying to get to market, and it looks like a kick ass pair of shorts that, that fits right into the sauna enthusiasts wheelhouse! I’ve backed this project because it fits into the sauna lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of us that live in the North County! He explains it all here ( Give it a shot. Back his project if you think it fits your world! Sauna/swimwear/comfy shorts you can wear all the time…especially when sauna protocol calls for clothes!


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