A First for Us-No Christmas at the Lodge!

It’s been a tradition for us to spend a few days at the Lodge for Christmas and New Years completely unplugged!  Naked, if you will!  The weather this year was unbelievably cold, with highs not even expected to reach 0 degrees.  We must be getting old and soft, we opted to stay right here at home for the Holidays.  We were a bit shook up about this revelation…at least for a moment!

Enter the subtitle of this blog:  Dogs-Food-Sauna…The reprieve for us was the new wood fired sauna installed at our humble estate!  A wonderful space, heated by a beautiful Kuuma stove from the folks at Lamppa Manufacturing in Tower!  The 180 degrees took the chill off, provided a much needed warm space to relax, unwind, and spend time with some friends!

We are totally looking forward to that New Years sauna…just wonder how we are going to get to Lake Superior without freezing!  It could be a long two blocks with only some flip-flops on!

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