Lovin’ the Lodge

It never fails, every year someone asks to spend time at the Lodge!  The door is always open!  In 2003 or so I interviewed a guy who wanted a job at one of the radio stations I was the VP at in Northern MN.  He wanted to be a disc jockey, but I felt his calling was as a sales guy.  I hired him in Grand Rapids, and at a couple of stations in Duluth.  He’s a great guy (despite having gone to Irondale High School), and we are brothers!  Fast forward a LOT of years and Anthony and Tracy get a free weekend away from the kids and wanted to spend some time at the Lodge!  ABSOLUTELY was the answer!

I didn’t have the opportunity after getting the Earl back on the water.  They left the cabin cleaner than when they showed up.  Thanks for taking the time to clean!  The blissful couple spent time on the water on the pontoon (and got invited to Wingfest 6), spent time in the Bare Ass Sauna, had great meals (a staple at the Lodge), and even left us some beer!

Not much more to say, other than pictures tell the story better than words!

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