Worst Day of the Year


It happens every year, around this time.  It is, for certain, the worst day of the year!  The day that the pontoon gets pulled from the lake.

Today was the perfect fall day, except for the task at hand!  Flying solo today, I dropped the F150 at the landing (1.5 miles down the road), hopped on the the Trek and headed back to the Lodge.  I took my time riding in the 45 degree weather, basking in the sunshine and reflecting on what was a fantastic summer at the Lodge.  We introduced Hazel to the dock, lake, pontoon and the Earl.  Scout spent countless hours dock jumping and chewing on sticks, a few bonfires, watched the fireworks from the middle of the lake with 1,000,000 mosquitos, the Bare Ass Sauna is usable, and the IVG disrupted the neighborhood again.  The ride was short, but absolutely perfect.

Hazel and I boarded the pontoon and took to the lake.  The air was brisk, but she loved it.  The colors were a bit past peak, but still beautiful.  As usual, we were the only ones on the lake.  As I approached the landing, the neighbor had finished pulling his fishing boat out and asked if I needed any help.  I declined, for the sheer fact that I love a challenge!  We exchanged pleasantries and they made their way back to the “Back Bay”.  Surprisingly enough, I had on issues, and the she came right out on the trailer.

She’s parked.  Ready to be put to bed for the year and wrapped.  On a positive note, the dock is still in, so Hazel made a couple of jumps.  The water temp has decreased quite a bit since my last trip up on Tuesday.  Hazel lasted 6, maybe 8 jumps before shaking uncontrollably.  What a challenge to get her back in to the cabin to warm up.

Here’s to the next big adventure: Winter at the Lodge!  Its always fantastic when the snow flies and we can strap on the sticks and slide through the woods!

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